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The Switch Watch

Story 2 of 2

This story is about 2 adults, 3 children, a rabbit, two hamsters and a humungous dog called Bongo. It explores how hectic family life can be and how we can all help to make life at home more harmonious, even the dog.

Note this story is taken from week 4 of our Families Programme and so the narrator will announce it as Story 4 - The Switch Watch.

Click 'The Story - Part 1' below and continue through the instructions.

Hi, I'm Jonty, I'll be your Jigsaw Friend again for this home session.

Click the play button in the video panel to listen to the first part of this story.

Afterward, continue to the Mid-Story Discussion.

Hold a mid-story discussion - ask your children open questions like:

  • What do you like best about the story so far?
  • What do you think is going to happen next?
  • What do you think Patrice is writing on the computer?
  • Why are the children behaving like this?
  • Do you think Mum (Julie) is making the morning any easier for everybody?

Then continue with the second half of the story below to find out what happens next.

Now play the second part of the story.

When it has finished, discuss how it ended and how you feel about it now.

Then go on the the Activities section below.

Activity 1

Ask the children to make a list with you of some of the things that sometimes make life hectic at home, e.g. first thing in the morning, or at homework time.

Then ask them to draw x2 boxes on a page and in the first one to draw or write about one of the most hectic times they can remember at home.

Leave the second box free for later.

Invite the children to draw/design or make a Switch Watch like the one in the story.

Then invite children to imagine they are holding the Switch Watch they just made and making a wish for the hectic scenario they drew in Box 1 to change to be much less hectic.

In the second box they draw or write what this less hectic scene would look like if the Switch watch worked.

Which scene do they like the most, the hectic or the more peaceful?

Can you discuss with the children what you could all do to make life more peaceful for everybody while they are off school?

Would having a Switch Watch to make time stand still or even rewind it, be useful?

Jigsaw Jonty with Calm Me ChimeIf your children have Jigsaw lessons at school, they will be used to doing Calm Me Time at the beginning of each Jigsaw lesson. Ask them about this and about the Jigsaw Chime. Can they explain what happens in a Calm Me Time and how they feel when they do it, before you do this Calm Me Time with them?

You are welcome to press play on the Calm me Time, and along with your children, just listen to the spoken instructions to have a few minutes peaceful time. It's slightly different from the one associated with the previous story.

Well done everyone!

Have a well-earned rest and I'll hope to see you again soon!

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