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Fowley's Wings

Story 1 of 2

This story explores dreams and goals, roles in families, people’s strengths and feelings, how brothers and sisters get on together etc.

Note this story is taken from week 3 of our Families Programme and so the narrator's voice you will hear speaking on the audio stream will announce it as Jigsaw Families Story 3 - Fowley's Wings.

Click 'The Story - Part 1' below and continue through the instructions.

Hi, I'm Jonty, I'll be your Jigsaw Friend throughout these home sessions.

Click the play button in the video panel to listen to the first part of this story.

Afterward, continue to the Mid-Story Discussion.

Hold a mid-story discussion - ask your children open questions like:

  • What do you think Fowley will do?
  • What’s going to happen to Hove?
  • Is Fowley being encouraged to achieve his dream?
  • How can we manage our feelings when we have dreams and goals that don’t come true?
  • How could you encourage Fowley and Hove?

Then continue with the second half of the story below.

Now play the second part of the story.

When it has finished, discuss how it ended and how you feel about it now.

Then go on the the Activities section below.

(If your children do Jigsaw at their school, they will have done some work already on their Dreams and Goals in the first half of the Spring term)

Discuss with your children what Fowley’s dream was and how he overcame obstacles to achieve it.

  • If you can, share with your children what some of your dreams and goals were when you were their age. What did you want to do/become etc?
  • Did you achieve some of these?
  • How did you?
  • Were there obstacles to overcome along the way?

Then try the following activities…


Activity 1

Ask your children what their dreams and goals might be, for when they are grown up and for the next few weeks while they are off school.

  • Invite them to draw a pair of wings, like Fowley’s.
  • On the wings they draw or write their dreams and goals for the future.

When this work is finished, encourage children to talk through what their dreams and goals are, what they have drawn etc

Discuss how they might go about achieving these and offer your support.


Activity 2

You could draw a set of wings together and you and the children draw or write ideas as to what you could do together and/or try to achieve in the next few weeks while they are off school. Try to keep the ideas realistic and achievable under these circumstances.

This may be a way to bring a positive angle to the situation we are all in at the moment.

Display the wings and refer to them each morning to see if there is something on them that could be a focus for an activity that day.

Jigsaw Jonty with Calm Me ChimeIf your children have Jigsaw lessons at school, they will be used to doing Calm Me Time at the beginning of each Jigsaw lesson. Ask them about this and about the Jigsaw Chime. Can they explain what happens in a Calm Me Time and how they feel when they do it, before you do this Calm Me Time with them?

You are welcome to press play on the Calm me Time, and along with your children, just listen to the spoken instructions to have a few minutes peaceful time.

Well done everyone!

Have a well-earned rest and I'll see you next time when you are ready to try the next story.

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