Login Help

for Jigsaw Families Facilitators

How to Login

  • The Login option is for Jigsaw Trained Facilitators only who have been given special accounts
    and is not for use by members of the general public.
  • Facilitators should use the drop-down menu above:
    go to FACILITATOR then LOGIN.
  • Your username must be entered in UPPER CASE TEXT and numbers and does not contain any spaces, symbols or email addresses!
  • Your password is the one you chose yourself in the "Check Your Profile" page or, if you have not changed it, will be the original one we set up for you and emailed to your primary account holder.
  • We suggest you store your current password inside the front cover of your printed Facilitator's Manuals so you can find it quickly.
  • Your Password is case-sensitive and must be typed exactly.


All login attempts are counted. If you get this wrong 5 times, the IP address of your entire site (not just your current PC) will be banned for a set window of time and you will be notified on screen.  If you ignore this and continue trying, the lockout time period will just multiply! You must wait for the lockout time to expire before you attempt to try again.

If you have locked yourself out and urgently need access, please contact us by telephone to have your setting unblocked, or your password reset. You may be asked security questions to further verify your identity. Our Jigsaw Families Team can be working out of the office and may not pick up an email quickly enough for you in an urgent situation.

If you use the "I forgot my password" link, then please note that this only works with the Lead Facilitator's email address for your setting (no personal email addresses are recognised) and you should also check your spam/junk folders for the response. Some school systems may filter out emails from sources they don't know, so please call us if this is the case and we will reset your password for you to a temporary one.

Sometimes, your web browser may remember (cache) old data and settings from this website and these may need to be cleared in your browser history/settings.  You should clear 'Cookies' and 'Cached Files', there is no need to clear the history of pages visited if you don't want to.

We suggest you do not store passwords in your web browser.  If your password changes on the site, your browser will offer the wrong password each time you visit the page and increase your failed login count. In any case, it is viewed as bad practice as hackers can exploit this feature to get your browser to release passwords to them.

For other technical help, please consult your own IT staff to ensure your own security systems are not interfering with your access before contacting our IT Department.

Thank you.