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National Lottery - Awards for All

Applying for funding for the Jigsaw Families® Programme
Potential funding for Jigsaw Families from the Awards For All Scheme

The National Lottery Awards For All (AWA) Scheme offers schools and other educational settings the opportunity to apply for a grant of between £300 and £10,000 in England and Scotland, and between £300 and £5000 in Wales.

Awards For All grants can be used to develop and support community-based projects such as the Jigsaw Families Programme which meets the AWA criteria to:

  • bring people together and build strong relationships in and across communities
  • improve the places and spaces that matter to communities
  • enable more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage

More detailed guidance and an application form for the Awards For All Scheme can be found by clicking your flag below:

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Application in England

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Application in Scotland

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Application in Wales

To support any potential application for Awards For All funding to be used to purchase and run Jigsaw Families  Programmes, we have provided you with some model paragraphs (below) that may support an application. These can be adapted as appropriate ensuring that the flavour of your setting also comes through, which is also an important consideration in the Awards For All application process.

Suggested Wording

for the Awards For All application (by section)

Part Three (7) Project Name?

Family Support Programme.

Part Three (8) What would you like to do?

A new parenting project that aims to support vulnerable children and their parents/carers.

Through this project we hope to:

    • Support children to feel safe and better equip them to manage their emotions and engage with learning
    • Enhance engagement with their parents/carers
    • Improve relationships between the parents/carers and their children
    • Improve communication between the staff in our setting and the families involved
    • Give the families opportunities to improve their skills of communication, empathy, social and emotional resilience and equip them to manage change positively
    • Offer parents/carers improved knowledge of child psychology and positive behaviour-management strategies.

This meets our school/setting's objectives/ethos to... [add your own words]

The project will run for one year initially with the potential to offer it beyond the initial period if successful.

The project will be evaluated by staff and the families/children involved, after each set of sessions has been completed (1 session per week for 6 weeks), as well as an annual evaluation at the end of the year. We expect between 50 and 60 families to attend within the year (approx 10 families per 6 weeks).

The project will be advertised to all families initially to avoid stigmatisation, but we will also use a targeted approach to encourage specific families to attend the sessions, using the relationships they already have with our staff.

In planning the Programme, we have consulted staff, the governing body and our parents group, the immediate school/setting community to consider if the approaches and materials being used are appropriate to our families and children. The project will be delivered by school/setting staff who already have relationships with the potential families involved and can sustain these in an ongoing way after participation in the Programme. This project fully supports all the Awards For All funding priorities.

Part Three (12) Costs

Training of three members of staff as Programme Facilitators, plus session resources to run the project (from Jigsaw PSHE) £1800 (or £1500 if the school is already using Jigsaw the mindful approach to PSHE).

Consumable crafting materials and refreshments (60 sessions in total) £600

Training contingency (if additional staff are needed) £350 (to train 2 additional staff if needed)


Re-accreditation of staff Programme Facilitators at the end of the year £300.

These are suggested costs for 36 sessions in one year. The consumables may cost less than this suggested amount, but an over-estimate is better than an underestimate. The Awards For All process will not recoup any money underspent.
An alternative model to consider, is whether you would like to apply for funding to run the Jigsaw Families Programme across more than one school or as a cluster. In which case, you can adjust the amounts accordingly. The Jigsaw Families Programme does contain a process for a school to become a Jigsaw Families Hub to induct new schools into the Programme.